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One Thousand Voters Starts with One Registration.

As we begin our Juneteenth celebrations this weekend and through the Fourth of July, the Travis County community celebrates freedom- freedom of self and the freedom provided by a representative government. Civic engagement, taking the time to register and to vote, enhances all these freedoms.

We invite each member of the VDR community to register one person now through the end of the Fourth of July holiday. Start with one.

We now have almost a thousand VDRs in Travis County, which we expect to grow to over six thousand by the end of the 2024 cycle. If every VDR registers just one person, we will have increased our community registration by one thousand registered voters in less than three weeks.

Please send us your stories, pictures, videos, and tips to help inspire the rest of the community and stay tuned for updates.* Let's join together to amplify our outreach.

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Juneteenth in the area? KUT has compiled 19 ways to celebrate Juneteenth in the Austin area | KUT Radio, Austin's NPR Station.

Our Travis County Voter Registrar, Bruce Elfant, will be at the parade on Saturday and visiting with the League of Women Voters Austin Area volunteers at their Voter Registration booth in Rosewood Park. VDR spots are available if you are looking for some pro-tips!

Remember, it might be hot outside, but registering voters is always cool!

*Post to the Facebook Group, or if not on Facebook, email Meg to share-

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